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4/15/14 :: Select Your 5 Pets

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2/12/14 :: The End of Celestial Vale

This will not come as a surprise to anyone. CelestialVale's last day will be April 30th, 2014. CelestialVale's sister site, Into The Vale, will also be closing on that day.

The plan, at this point, is to build an entirely new game from the best parts of Dragons of Kalon, Celestial Vale, IntoTheVale as well as incorporate some new ideas.

Starting April 15th and lasting until April 30th I will give players the chance to submit their 5 favorite pets for 'salvage'. These 5 pets can be brought over to the new game. Because all the pets will have to be moved by hand, we are limiting these legacy pets to 5. All that will be preserved will be their name, species and image. Any titles, items, genetics etc cannot be preserved.

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